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Take a First Look at A$AP Rocky's Real-Life 'Need for Speed' Mercedes-Benz 190E

Following the reveal of the in-game digital replica for Need for Speed Unbound earlier last month, new images of A$AP Rocky‘s real-life custom Mercedes-Benz 190E have now surfaced. Having hired AWGE as a creative consultant, Unbound will allow players to compete with Rocky in-game for a chance to beat him for the hero car.

The DTM-inspired 190E saloon arrives in Scarface-like mid-split paintwork featuring all-over AWGE branding and the slogans “Always $trive and Prosper” and “If Not Now Then When” printed on the driver and passenger doors.

Additional details include X-taped headlights, a metallic gold grille, TESTING warning motifs on the antennae, an extended front splitter with green underglow lights, and deep-dish BBS rear wheels.

“Every panel is altered, all four arches are tubbed and there’s some wonderful, old-school craftsmanship in it. Some great friendships have been forged along the way too, which is what car life is all about,” writes Ryan Steward from Speedhunters who was involved in the project. “It takes a team willing to go beyond any sane level of detail to create something so extremely accurate to a game render.”

Take a closer look at the in-game version of the car here. More details and specifics are expected to arrive via a Speedhunters feature in the coming weeks.

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