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At Perasoul, we live by the phrase "We are the influence and confluence of culture." We want to continue to be the nexus for creative endeavors that make an impact. Whether it's music, fashion, tech, visual arts, or just something weird you're passionate about, we want to hear about it and do our best to find a way we can collaborate and create together. In the artistic community, we are each other's outlets. We are our greatest supporters and influences, so we hope to give inspiration an avenue through our creative collaboration

Our Current Projects Include:

Music Studio Design

  • Our creative consulting team has designed studios with a budget from a few thousand dollars all the way up to $6M. We're fully equipped to help you with the design and engineering process.

White Label Solutions for Brand Development

  • Want to start your own clothing brand? We can help. By leveraging our manufacturing resources, we can help you design, manufacturer and distribute merch that sells. From the web development to the product sourcing, we have you covered.


  • We love to give back to the artist and community and are excited to collaborate with charities to make a greater impact.


  • Fashion shows, concerts, marketplaces, and more are all in the works for our team. Our goal is to build out our own space to host these events, but we'd love to help you with your next project, whether it's an album release or just a party.

Creative Service

  • Professional videography team

  • Grammy-nominated music engineering crew

  • Conceptual artists, album artists, and more...

And much much more!​

  • We keep exploring the boundaries of what we can accomplish as a team. Trust us, there is a ton more coming soon!


Nick Bitzis, CEO



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