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Creative Direction & Design in Atlanta, GA

The concept behind Perasoul Studios' services is to provide a variety of creatively driven assets for artists and musicians. This is the nexus for opportunity.

We specialize in recording services, music collaboration, design and visuals, creative direction, merchandise development, and more! Check out some of the projects we've collaborated on, then contact us today!


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Recording Studio

Improve Your Sound

Perasoul Studios offers a variety of options to make your music stand out. From sound packs, to online tutorials, we've got you covered

Have an idea that you want to capture? Or maybe your mix just sounds like shit? We have the tools and professionals to help you make the music of your dreams. When you're in need of recording, mixing, mastering, or producing, we've got you covered there too.

Our team of audio engineers have everything from Grammy winning experience to underground appeal and have worked with major artists at Hit Factory, Loud House, Soul Asylum, and more!

Expert Live Studio Engineering

Introductory Live Studio Engineering

Mixing, Mastering, and Post Production

1-on-1 Production Lessons and Coaching

Studio Rental Time (Varies)

Recording Studio
Concert Clip

Perasoul's community thrives on collaboration and mutual promotion. We can help you get your music on the right frequencies to reach a greater audience.

Creative Brainstorming and Brand Development

includes a 1 hour free introductory consultation 


Social Media Management

Graphic Design

Album Art

Content Development

Video Editing

Video Recording Services


Video Recording

Make a Movie

We can help make your visual goals a reality with options to document and the record the music making process as well as any other performance or promo materials you want to showcase.


Content Development

Video Editing

Video Recording Services (Varies)

All prices are subject to change depending on the scope of the project inquiry. 

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