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About Us

Our Vision is to be uncompromisingly visionary.

Perasoul Studios collaborates to design, produce, and distribute work that we are proud of with creators that we believe in.

As a nexus for creative innovation, we are a powerhouse for empowering and inspiring musicians, artists, and visionaries. Our long term goal is to be a creative agency with elite services and resources accessible remotely and at our flagship inspiration centers. Growing out of Atlanta, GA, we have capabilities in music, fashion and technology development. We believe in leveraging all three with cohesive strategies to empower the creator's economy. We are putting out our own products (apparel, music, and software) so that someday soon we can enable other great visionaries to accelerate their craft and succeed in the creative space. Reach out and connect with us about making your dreams a reality. There is nothing that we can't accomplish. 

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Sometimes the people around you Won't understand your journey.
They Don't need to; It's not for them.

but We Will.


What's in the name "Perasoul"?

The name Perasoul is as much of a unique amalgamation of creative ideas as the brand itself. Perasoul Studios was created as the umbrella, or “parasol,” entertainment company driving a series of ventures in music, art and fashion. “-soul” is a simple stylization of the “-sol” in parasol and an obvious nod to our intentions of promoting the importance of soul in our music and art. “Pera-“ translates to “beyond” in Greek, paying homage to founder Nick Bitzis’ heritage. This choice is also a reference to Ken Kesey’s “Merry Pranksters” and the infamous art-bus that traveled cross country searching for higher meaning and promoting the push to go “Furthur.” Bring those together and “Beyond-Soul” is where we’re picking things up and pushing a little Furthur. Perasoul Studios is boundless in its potential and it has a name that suits it from the start.


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The Perasoul Model of Growth & Development

We believe all six sectors of Environment, Community, Innovation, Art, Personal Development, and Science are key to creating a positive impact. As you improve one, all five other sectors can be improved and the system blossoms together. We believe in fostering all of these nodes to build a better ecosystem, and in turn, a better world.


A State of Mind: “Perasoul”




Perasoul is an abstract idea. Like most abstract ideas, it is open to a number of interpretations. Pera is a prefix meaning beyond, paying homage to Ken Kesey’s concept of Furthur.


Soul has been defined in countless ways:

·       the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

·       a person's moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.

·       emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

·       the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.


Together pera-soul gives us a stylized allusion to parasol, a type of umbrella. Therefore, perasoul is intended to cover and encompass a large variety of concepts. For each individual, this can be unique.


Perasoul is the concept of beyond-soul. It can be a meta understanding of transcendence, nirvana, the pursuit of happiness, “pretty lights” and much more. 

It is purpose. 


“Perasoul Studios marries the ideas of art and culture in a purposeful way to help individuals find meaning and find their own place of perasoul that is a reflection of their soul.”


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Image by Geert Pieters

Empowering the Creator's Economy

How can one create culture? Truly, no one can do it alone. Perasoul Studios intends to unite artist and innovators of multiple forms of media to create a unique world with its own rules. The visionary behind it all is Nick Bitzis, aka Just Beyond, who has invested in his dream: a creative kingdom like no other where independent artist and musicians can connect, collaborate and exhibit their individual microcosms of work and personality. This has come to fruition in many forms. For music we explore recording, production, promotion, teaching and experimenting. In fashion we aim to be an innovative influence in streetwear and design – a ubiquitous and coveted brand. And of course, we intend to demonstrate how these sectors intertwine through entertainment and cultural impact. And why stop there... Perasoul wants to innovate in technology, creative solutions and so much more and we want to give other visionaries the passion to find their dreams and the means to make them come true.

While Perasoul embodies the metaphysical, it will occupy a physical space in time where those lucky enough will get to experience the philosophy we dream about. At Persasoul Studios flagship locations, there will be a number of private recording studios, as well as a retail space for the promotional merchandise. Independent artist will have the opportunity to manufacture and feature their own merchandise in house – clothing, artwork, even vinyl. Alongside the retail space, will be a public forum with food and refreshments. Picture it as a low-key music cafe during the day, and at night: a small, intimate live venue where Perasoul's media team can professionally record audio and video, mix and master it in our private studios, and ultimately provide unique opportunities to relive some arcane musical memories. At the epicenter of it all, we know magic will happen.

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