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Childish Gambino and KIRBY Stream "SWARM" EP

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, has finally released the long-awaited EP SWARM. These new songs are inspired by the Amazon Prime Video original series that shares the same name.

The EP has six tracks and includes music by Ni’jah, the fictional artist voiced by KIRBY in the show, along with some of Gambino's previously unreleased music. "KIRBY has such a versatile sound and songwriting ability; she was able to elevate and amplify every moment she was a part of,” Gambino told the media in a statement. “It’s been a pleasure to collaborate, to bring this story to life sonically and I couldn’t imagine what this would sound like without her involvement.”

KIRBY only had glowing comments about making the EP with Glover. “I fell in love with the idea of becoming the ‘Ni’jah’ character,” KIRBY said. “What would she say in this scene? What would she sound like? It was liberating to go in and write & sing without any rules. There are people who are called ‘genius’ and people who truly are. After working with Donald, Michael, Fam & Riley I truly know the difference.”

SWARM is a star studded EP. It was both co-created and executive produced Gambino and Janine Nabers. Stars like Dominique Fishback, Damson Idris, and Chloe Bailey all appear on the EP. The Prime original show that inspired Glover follows Fishback’s Dre, “an obsessed fan of the world’s biggest pop star who sets off on an unexpected cross-country journey.”

Stream Gambino's new EP on Apple Music and Spotify.

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