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Palace x Calvin Klein Is Back for Christmas

The Palace and Calvin Klein partnership was the talk of the town in April 2022, as well as the entire world. The venerable London retailer is now reintroducing its collection in time for the holiday season.

A twist on the classic CK ONE scent with notes of "Frosted Mandarin," "Violet Leaf," and "Oakmoss," CK1 Palace will be sold in limited quantities and bring back the underwear for both men and women.

As we all remember, the underwear was an instant hit, capturing Palace’s name along with Calvin Klein’s moniker on the waist band for an unmissable fashion hit and nod to oneself feeling like a 2000’s Calvin Klein advert model. The underwear comes in white, gray, and black as expected.

Building on the momentum of April’s drop, the re-release stars in its own movie directed by Palace’s Lev Tanju and Stuart Hammond. Leading the movie is Uma Thurman, while cameo appearances from friends of the brand like Michael Imperioli, Roddy Ricch, Ethel Cain and the Palace Skate Crew make this international story quintessentially Palace. Shot between London, New York, Los Angeles and Blackpool, it finds the cast in the Big Apple depicting a storyline evocative of vintage CK adds, before the skateboarding label injects its tongue-in-cheek and surreal attitude (think Lucien Clarke pulling out bar chimes supposedly from his pants).

Before the film ends, Palace and co. are seen in various scenarios remaking references to old CK underwear adds, with a moment that would put Baywatch to shame.

The CK1 Palace re-stock is set to arrive on December 9 at Palace London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo stores, as well as on Palace’s website and on Calvin Klein’s website per the former’s usual drop time of 11 a.m. GMT/EDT/CST/JST.

In case you missed it, check out what happened when Hypebeast caught up with Lev Tanju following Palace’s Need for Speed Unbound collaboration.

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