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Nike Spreading Valentine's Day Love with the Dunk Low "Yellow Heart"

February is a month for love, and Valentine's Day sneakers aren't an exception. Most of the holiday's shoe drops include bright red and pink tones with large heart designs to invoke those middle-school-puppy-love vibes. Nike's V-Day drop has shoes that match that description. But, they're also releasing "the official shoe of the friend zone."

The Dunk Low "Yellow Heart" is supposed to represent a more platonic type of love. These are the sneakers that you would buy for that guy friend who's like a brother to you or that girl you're always begging to set you up with her friends. The shoes lack all of the flashy embellishments that are typically associated with V-Day. The main decoration (this may surprise you) is a raised yellow heart on the lateral heel that is trimmed in white and stamped with a small Swoosh. The sneaker is made out of both smooth and tumbled white leather, while the finishing details are a faint yellow that match the yellow Nike Sportswear graphics on the tongue, heel and insole. These are the perfect gift to say "I really value our friendship, but please stop inviting me to go on romantic hikes and eat chocolate strawberries with you."

The Dunk Lows are a women's-sized sneakers that will most likely to be released in an extended size run. There isn't an official drop date yet, but Nike will probably release the sneakers on or around February 14th.

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