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Gucci Mane and Kodak Black Hit Up the Club in “King Snipe” Music Video

Gucci Mane and Kodak Black are no strangers to collaboration with each other. The duo began their long history of working together when they worked on “Vibin in This Bih” in 2016. Two years later, they added Bruno Mars into the mix for the single “Wake Up in the Sky.”

Since they hit the studio together for the first time, Mane and Black have worked on several tracks. The rappers just released the product of their latest partnership, and “King Snipe” is out for streaming. The song is a club banger based on Black’s trappy style.

“I triple crossed them ’cause I seen it was planted / Truck had me out, must didn’t know how to count,” Mane raps. “Told her ring up, they didn’t know the amount / Expensive new ferries, I couldn’t even pronounce.”

The release of “King Snipe” also included a music video showing Black and Mane partying at the club. The duo performs in front of a purple-lit crowd of fans, before flexing in the parking lot in front of expensive cars.

The new song follows the last month’s release of Mane’s So Icy Boyz: The Finale mixtape. The mixtape was massive, containing eighty tracks and a duration of almost four hours. Despite the impressive size of the project, Mane doesn’t seem interested in a break from the studio.

Check out the “King Snipe” music video!

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