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Gerrit Jacob Fall/Winter Collection is Full of Youthful Excitement

Emerging designer Gerrit Jacob has established himself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming stars in the world of tech-infused fashion. The German creative now presents his all-new Fall/Winter 2023 collection, titled “SCUM."

Jacob’s eponymous label set a goal to explore the conversation around queer stereotypes using youthful tones and eye-catching designs. In the collection, Jacob draws the audience into the collision of luxury craftsmanship and compelling imagery.

Featuring 15 unique looks, striking hues and otherworldly motifs rule the collection. The first look uses a cropped leather jacket with over the top sleeves and baggy bottoms to set the tone for the rest of the collection. The entire outfit is printed with unsettling animal graphics that tell the story of Jacob’s journey through aggression. The rest of the collection is full of Asymmetrical tops and motorcycle-inspired ensembles, along with impressive sweat suits accompanying zip-up shirting and loose trousers in powerful primary tones.

Puffed outerwear is paired with flowy denim garments and illustrative mesh tops, while darker visuals decorate every look partnered with bandanas that preview supernatural body parts.

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