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Frank Ocean Drops New Blonde Merch

Few artists have the sort of strangle hold over the internet the way Frank Ocean does. It helps that his fans are always begging him for new music. Fans will be disappointed that there are still no signs of a new album, the mysterious artist is giving his fans something to hold on to as he just dropped new merch.

The drop consists of apparel pieces. Cozy pullover hoodies come in a couple different styles, two of which are decorated with “Iceman” Blonded Radio graphics that come in classic black or white, while the rest of the pullovers feature classic logos in black and green colorways. There is a matching set of classic logo tees that come in black, blue and green. But the drop doesn't end there, because there is a multicolored tee with an implicit LSD reference.

That is far from the last LSD reference in the collection. Ocean releases a variety of crewnecks, long and short-sleeved tees, sweatpants and mouse pads, all of which prominently display a cryptic acid tab logo. Fans might theorize that this drop may foreshadow a new song or album from the artist, but the only thing we know for sure is that this apparel will not stay in stock for long.

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