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Apple Is Reportedly Interested in Buying Manchester United

With United now available to buy, reports have stated that the world’s largest tech company may be interested in acquiring the club for £5.8 billion (approx. $7 billion USD). Buying Manchester United would be a first for Apple, as the California-based firm has never owned a major sports team, however the commercial opportunities that United can provide are a major factor in Apple’s interest.

If United was to be purchased from the Glazers, the deal would almost certainly become the most exepensive sale of a football club in history, with the current world record being the £4.25billion (approx. $5.1 billion) fee that was paid for Chelsea Football Club earlier this year.

The move could potentially see United build a new state-of-the-art stadium for the club. Old Trafford is currently the second biggest football stadium in the U.K. — second only behind Wembley — but the ground has began to show its age over recent years, prompting the Glazers to consider significant improvements to it before deciding on a potential sale.

The Glazer family are expected to spend the coming weeks talking to potential buyers, but if Apple were to be the ones to take over, it would make United become the richest club in the world again, as the tech company’s wealth would overtake that of Newcastle’s new Saudi backers.

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