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I live and create by these words: "Being an artist is a psychological side effect of being in touch with the fact that there's more going on here."

Currently creating electronic music experiments in the style of hip hop. Influenced by old school soul, funk, electronic and every musical movement that I've managed to fill my ears with. I'm currently thriving as the multi-cultural amalgamation of Atlanta and Miami scenes. All music and photography is original.

I'm a producer, engineer, vocalist/rapper, writer and collaborator always looking to expand my horizons. I want to make people feel the way music makes me feel and to be around the unique artists who feel the same.

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Behind the Name: Just Beyond is a step past Furthur...

Just Beyond is an embodiment of our relative positions in the universe.

Just beyond intends to honor where we are, how far we've gone to get there, and how much furthur we have to go.

It intends to emphasize our transcendence Just Beyond the mundane and the tangible of everyday humanity.

And It intends to encourage the constant pursuit of that which is Just Beyond the horizon.

We are Just Beyond ordinary because We have already been Just Beyond most.

And yet We still seek to go Just Beyond...


So Far Gone [Demo]

[so far gone] Cover.png



Beats n Breaks

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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